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Friday, July 4, 2008

iPhone Download Sites Review

iPhone Download Sites – Review Of The Top Sites For iPhone Downloads

We used the set of selection criteria factors to evaluate dozens of iPhone download sites. We also checked out the user base of these sites and investigated the preference of users. It turned out that about 50% of all users do make use of paid membership sites to get music, movies, software and games for their iPhones.

They love them for first and foremost for the affordable pricing, and also the huge selection of media download files.

The most popular files downloaded are music, software and games.

Since we are assuming that our readers are young and wise consumers, it does make perfect sense to use paid membership services for their iPhone needs. From our review, we are able to pick 3 iPhone download sites that meet our criteria and far exceed our expectations.

No.1 iPhone Downloads Site


MP3Rocket deserves the top spot because of a few reasons. Firstly, it offers one of the largest selection of iPhone downloads. You can practically find any song, music, movies, music videos and even TV show episodes here. There are also tons of games like Assasin, Additup, Solitaire, Sudoku and software available.

The quality of iPhone downloads are excellent and we find their interface one of the easiest to use. It is pretty intuitive and the icons are simple to understand. We could navigate around quickly without even reading the instruction manual. But we did look through the manual later for the purpose of this review. Instructions are clearly spelt out with illustrations so that users will understand.

The technical support is professional, and offers a human touch. We love customer support that is responsive to answer our questions and assist us after sales. A lot of services are slow to reply after you have bought their memberships. So this is valuable.

More importantly, the download speeds are really fast here. You can download movie and video downloads for your iPhone quickly. Also, unlike some iPhone download sites that charge you for the software applications such as video and DVD to iPhone conversion software, and internet access tools like GPS and currency converters, this service offers them to you free of charge.

You only have to pay $34.44 now for a lifetime membership to enjoy unlimited access to their iPhone downloads.

No.2 iPhone Downloads Site

Phone Download Center

We found it rather challenging to decide between MP3Rocket and Phone Download Center for the first place since both scored well in terms of our selection criteria. However, we finally decided Phone Download Center should occupy the No.2 iPhone downloads site position because it is a relatively new entrant into the market.

Once again, we reviewed its download interface and tested their customer support. It is really easy to use their downloading platform. The search function is quite advanced and we like the multi-functionality of its search browser. We had no difficulty trying to search for our desired music and game titles as well as ring tones. Even if you are stuck, you can always watch their video tutorials.

Though new, they have proven to be a professional service and gotten a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from users.

There is a huge selection of iPhone downloads you can find here. And they are constantly updating their database with the latest song and music releases as well as games, movies, music videos and TV shows. Expect quality media here.

Similar to MP3 Rocket, they do provide a generous software bundle to go with the package. It includes DVD to iPhone software, online TV software among others.

The lifetime membership only costs $34.95. It entitles you to unlimited access to the entire library of media.

No.3 iPhone Downloads Site

Phone Download Hub

It was easy for us to choose Phone Download Hub from many competitors for this No.3 placing. In terms of the media file size, it is a match for MP3 Rocket and Phone Download Center.

Downloading is quick, safe and smooth. Find the movie or song you want, click download and it will be transferred quickly to your PC. The server resources are high and are able to support multiple downloading, regardless of the number of users or traffic. It ensures that there is full protection for your PC as well.

We like the way they organize their database and its interface is one of the most professional and sophisticated we have seen. But since we still prefer the download platforms of MP3 Rocket and Phone Download Center, we decided that they have a edge.

Support is proficient and knows their work and is able to handle all technical and general support questions with professionalism. They also offer a huge bonus software bundle.

So, on the overall, while Phone Download Hub cannot outperform the No.1 and 2 sites, it is definitely one notch above other iPhone download sites.

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iPhone Download Sites Selection Criteria

iPhone Download Sites – How To Select The Right iPhone Download Sites

No two iPhone download sites are the same. In fact, there is such a wide selection of sites for iPhone downloads that you can be both really spoilt for choice and confused at the same time. But fret not, here are several handy tips to help you select a suitable site where you can download music, songs, movies, videos, software and games for your iPhone. How’s that?

1. Cost of Downloads

How are the charges like? Do they charge you per download or pay per month or even pay per membership?

Some will charge you $0.99 for each music or song download and $9.99 for an entire album. As for the movies, it probably will be $1.99 per episode or movie, or even more.

However, you will be pleased to know that there is also paid membership sites that offer unlimited downloads for a one-time fee. For less than $49.99, you can download as many songs, music, TV shows, videos, movies, games and whatever you want. No download limits, bandwidth limits, or time limit at all.

2. Variety Of iPhone Downloads

There are general iPhone download sites as well as niche ones. General music services offer all download types like songs, music, games, software, videos, music videos, ringtones, audio books, etc.

Niche or specialist sites may just offer iPhone games or iPhone music only. Whether it is “I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry or “Burnin’ Up” By Jonah Brothers, you can surely find what you need.

3. Size of Media Library

The size of media library is an important factor. You want to use a membership site that offers millions of media files. The rule of the thumb is to select one with over 100 million media files. There are such iPhone download sites, so start looking around.

4. Easy to Use Membership Platform

You want to use a site that is easy to understand and navigate around. Most would agree that it is better to use services where you only need to key in the song or movie title and the download link is right there before you.

5. Download Speed

Paid membership services are known for their in-built high speed architecture. Their search engines are one of the fastest in the industry, boasting of download speeds that are at least 200 to 300 times that of a normal download site.

This should be of concern to you if you watch a lot of movies and videos since these are huge files.

6. Format of iPhone Downloads

iPhones support AAC and its variants, MP3 and its variants like MP3 VBR, Audible Formats 1, 2 and 3, Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF audio formats. As for video, H.264 and MPEG-4 in .mp4, .m4v, .mov formats are supported by your iPhone.

7. PC Protection

Downloading at paid membership sites is generally safe and secured. But not all sites are equally good. Several professional sites do offer anti-virus and anti-malware software to protect your PC while you download at their sites.

8. Excellent Business Reputation

By this, we are referring to the feedback from users. If their customer base is huge, it does speak volumes about their service. Another important aspect is whether the customer and technical support is available 24/7. We also like to see a professional and responsive helpdesk around.

9. Payment Merchant

Make sure that the service uses Clickbank or PayPal. They are reputable merchants that have been in the business for years and known for good business practices in BBB. In case you do not know, PayPal belongs to eBay.

Read a complete review of the most popular iPhone download sites in the next post.

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iPhone Download Sites – Free Or Paid?

iPhone Download Sites – Should You Choose Free Or Paid iPhone Download Sites

First of all, let is try to understand more about the free and paid iPhone download sites. Mainstream download sites for iPhone like iTune and Rhapsody continues to price their music and songs at $0.99 per file and $9.99 per album. A lot of such main music sites have similar pricing strategies.

What about the free iPhone download sites? We have the free sites set up by amateurs from their homes to share home-made games, music and videos. We will not even consider downloading downloads here unless our computers are well protected from adware, spyware and viruses. Many of these sites are found lacking in protection.

Other than the mainstream iphone download sites, here are many huge file sharing sites like LimeWire, Bearshare, Bittorrent and Morpheus. Next, there are also peer to peer P2P networks.

In case you do not understand about file sharing, let us go through a simple lesson here. Let us first dismiss the myth that file sharing is illegal. The fact is, it is not. But when you start sharing files that are copyrighted without permission (in other words, if you do have the permission from the creator or source, you can share it!), it is not right.

While there have been a few lawsuits fought again file sharing networks, they have largely not been penalized. After all, it is not illegal to share files.

So what happened to the old Napster?

Prior to its revamp, it was run from a centralized server where everyone searches for their songs, music, movies and so on. This central-controlled server then shows the requestor where they can download the file. There are no proper checks to filter out illegal sources. This is how the trouble began.

P2P or peer to peer networks are a whole lot different from these file sharing networks. They run on decentralized networks and need not go through a central server to download their desired files. All users within the network have the right to make use of the client software to share and download their music, games, software, movies, TV shows for iPhone. This has been cited as not being illegal in court hearing.

Paid iPhone download sites offering downloads for iPhones make use of similar decentralized databases. But do not confuse them with the free iPhone services that still are sharing music without any proper filtering process to remove music, movies, software, games and video files that they are not permitted to share. These are also notorious for bombarding their users with endless virus attacks, malware infiltration and corrupted, non-working downloads.

Paid iPhone download sites run their businesses within the confines of rules and regulations of the media watchdogs. As such, you will find that downloading for your iPhone here is secured and safe.

We will read about the selection criteria and factors that are important when shopping for iPhone download sites.

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iPhone Download Sites

iPhone Download Sites – Learn Everything About Such Sites For iPhone Downloads

Did you know that other than iTunes, there are at least a dozen mainstream iPhone download sites like Rhapsody, Amazon, eMusic, Walmart where you can find music, movies, games, and software downloads for your iPhone?

And there are well over 100’s of smaller, lesser known iPhone download sites where you can download iPhone music, iPhone movies, iPhone games, iPhone software, iPhone videos and even ringtones for your iPhone.

In this blog, you will find some helpful information about iPhone download sites, read a complete review of the top services for iPhone downloads and also get to know what is the whole deal about free iPhone download sites.

The iPhone is a powerful multimedia player. Other than being a cellular phone of course, it is also an MP3 and MP4 player, a camera and also a mini internet portal. With over 4GB of memory for the basic version, you can easily store hundreds of songs or even a couple of movies, and mini clips.

Listen to 24 hours of music or watch 4 movies in one shot before the battery goes flat on you. This device is the most friendly digital portable device in the market.

Okay, let us move on to the big question of free and paid iPhone download sites.

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